Outcall Essentials – 5 Tips For A Successful Encounter

In the profession of escorting, there are two types of booking arrangements that take place when meeting with clients– the incall and the outcall. Many providers conduct their business exclusively through their own private incall location, but many do not have an appropriate place to host their guests. Additionally, many clients prefer to meet with a companion at their home, or hotel room while travelling for business and don’t want the hassle of looking for their location in an unfamiliar area.

While both arrangements have their own set of opportunities and challenges, there are certain unique factors that must be considered when meeting with a client at their hotel or own residence.  It is important to be physically and mentally prepared for the encounter so that all time together can be spent stress free, and both parties will be able to truly enjoy one another. The following check list will help to prepare companions for an outcall:


Thoroughly Screen the Client Before the Arrangement

When meeting with a client in an unfamiliar place, it is extremely important to gather as much information about them as possible before the arrangement takes place. A good starting point would be to ask for a potential client’s real name and phone number. If they can be found through google on a major social media platform such as Facebook, LinkedIn, or even their own personal company website, that is usually a good sign that they are legitimate. Many providers will only see clients if they are using a legitimate phone number, and not one from an app as this gives them with a sense of trust.

When screening a potential client, another effective method is asking them for references from previous companions that they have seen. This will allow for following up with their references and making sure that they are a respectful and trustworthy client. If it is legitimately their first time seeing an escort, it would be advisable to obtain substantial personal information as they have no one that you can contact to inform you about them. Screening clients reduces the risk involved and increases the safety of the escort that does so.


Get a Deposit For Your Booking

A popular procedure to engage in as a companion when booking an outcall is to require a deposit or booking fee for the date. This will allow to control the time wasters that book an appointment and never show up, or cancel just moments leading up to their desired interaction. A good practice would be to require at least $50 to book the date, that way at least the travel expenses to and from their location will have been covered and there is less of a chance that the client will decide to bail.  This is a simple courtesy but can prove greatly effective when trying to manage the amount of clients that don’t show up for or cancel an appointment.


If Meeting at a Hotel, Call the Client’s Specific Room to Confirm

Unknowingly, escorts may be asked to meet somebody at their hotel room, only to show up to nobody there or even worse- somebody completely unaware of the situation opens the door and informs you that they did not invite you or speak to you previously. This can cause a lot of confusion and frustration for companions, but fortunately this whole situation can be avoided with some simple precautions. Before arriving at the client’s hotel, make sure to call the front desk and give them the client’s name and ask to connect you to their room phone. This will ensure that not only is the client’s name real, but that they are legitimately staying at the hotel that they informed you about.


Bring an Outcall Bag With Extra Clothing, Makeup, Toiletries and Essentials

You can never be too prepared for an outcall. What was originally meant to be a one hour booking may turn into a several hour or even an overnight appointment. For this reason, it is important to pack extra necessities for the visit. This can include extra outfits, makeup, toiletries, phone charger and other essential escort items. A good practice would be to keep all of these necessary items ready to go in a dedicated outcall bag. This way, nothing will ever be forgotten even if you have a last minute appointment where there is very little time for preparation.


Let a Close Friend or Other Escort Know Where You Are Going For Your Safety

As an escort, safety is a major concern as many of the interactions that occur will be with first time clients and that can create a great deal of risk. It is a good idea to make sure that somebody knows where you are at and going to be at all times so that if anything goes wrong, they will know where to find you and who you are with. Many companions do not tell their close family members and friends about their occupations, and in this case it would be wise to keep in touch with another local escort that you can trust and rely on. Sharing information about each other’s outcall arrangements and whereabouts can greatly improve the risk management of the job.

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