I’ve got you covered!

Written by Evaline Desire

I recently received a text message that made my head spin in so many different directions.

“Hi i m brown want bbfs with cip how much hh and h baby and I can’t wait to eat u r pussy and make u cum multiple times”

The opening words would have been enough to make me pause (race comments throw me off), but this was just the beginning… Truthfully there’s a blog post brewing over this, but that is for another time.

This blog post is about safety, and personal health.
Yours, mine, and our community.

I’m not going to say I understand how someone comes to the point where they randomly select another person online, and send a request for something which might result in a paternity test or a life long health altering gift. While I’m flattered that they clearly feel I would make an excellent co-parent… I just cannot accommodate an 18 year appointment.

Okay! I know I shouldn’t make a joke, but this has to be comedic fiction. Surely people don’t make choices like this… Or do they?🤔

I stay current on the current stats… I stay current on the available products… I also stay current enough to know that this does indeed happen.

Why it’s not for me.
I could recite statistical data, or reference past situations where health issues flooded through the adult community… But I won’t. I don’t actually feel it is my responsibility to type those things. Anyone on this site clearly has access to all of the CDC & WHO data. In addition to this… They’ve clicked to acknowledge, and indicate that they are an adult.

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