It is important to make a good first impression with an escort. Having an honest, personal connection can make all the difference between a positive and negative interaction. Escorts are usually careful about meeting with new clientele, so it is important that you give them a chance to get to know you on some level and are comfortable with you.


In the advertisements of many independent escorts, their desired contact method will be advised. While some providers prefer to be contacted through email or their personal website, others prefer to contacted on their given phone number either through calling or texting. It is very essential to follow the directions of the specific escort you wish to see in order to begin your contact on a positive note. If you are calling your escort, it is important to not use a blocked or unknown number as many of them will not accept these types of calls.


When initiating your first message or phone call, a simple introduction and well-mannered attitude will go a long way. Try not to waste too much of your escorts valuable time and be upfront with setting out your desired day, location, time and duration of your requested meeting. If you have a preferred contact method or time, let it be known in the beginning stages of your interaction.


Remember – pre booking with an independent escort is typically favored, and they may not be available during the time that you first contact them. While some may be available at quick notice, this is not the standard so it would be wise to plan some weeks or at least days in advance.


If you are polite and considerate in your interactions, they will return the favor. Refrain from using ill-mannered or unpleasant vocabulary, as this will usually result in being ignored or denied from services.If a provider feels like they are being disrespected, this will often cause them to blacklist your number and disregard your request.


Companions spend a lot of time and effort creating their advertisements, so it is only a matter of respect to read them fully and carefully before contacting them. Most importantly, the rates and available times of service are usually found within each of their profiles. Most escorts will feel offended and disrespected if you try to talk down or negotiate their service fee. Only ask questions that have not already been covered in their advertisements, and if you have a certain fantasy or service in mind then be sure to communicate it and make sure that they are comfortable with it. Asking for services that are visibly denied is considered very rude, and is another way to have a booking denied.



It is very crucial to be hygienic and well-prepared for your date. Putting yourself together can go a long way when engaging with your provider and obtaining your desired experience. They want to have an enjoyable experience just as much as you so arrive recently showered with fresh breath and trimmed fingernails. Consider that some people can have sensitivities to certain fragrances so use them sparingly.


If you are having an escort over at your house, you should make sure your space is fairly clean and guest-worthy. Treat them as you would any other special guest in your home, and they will feel more comfortable and appreciated.


Discretion is important when meeting a companion at their own home. Remember that privacy is important for both parties, whether meeting at your residence or theirs. Follow their desired instructions for meeting and if you are not exactly sure about where to go then contact them without bringing a lot of attention to yourself.


Each independent escort has a different set of boundaries and this must be considered when preparing for them. While some would love to toast with an alcoholic beverage, some prefer to remain completely sober during their engagements. Find out what your chosen companion prefers and go from there – you do not want to show up with a certain idea in mind that they aren’t comfortable with. Alcohol consumption can have a negative impact on sexual performance, so focus on enjoying your time together.



Upon meeting, have your escort’s service fee ready for them. Typically, the correct amount will be placed inside an envelope, in a visible location. This will allow for your companion to feel comfortable, and only then can the engagement begin.


Getting to know one another through friendly conversation will set a positive tone for the interaction. While it is beneficial to develop some sort of rapport, do not cross the line by requesting specific personal information or asking questions regarding their personal lives. Remember that most companions want to remain as discreet and private as you, so respect them and the amount of personal information that they wish to reveal to you.


Be honest and genuine with your provider and enjoy the communication. Some humor can be very helpful when getting acquainted. While your interaction may be fairly quick, having a sense of connection and engagement with your companion can make all of the difference in making sure the experience is pleasant for both parties.



The moment you have been awaiting – the intimacy that will occur is the ultimate thrill of the escort experience. They are skilled at what they do, so let them take care of you.


Be clear with communicating your desired services before spending time together. This can be a very exciting experience, but you do not want to surpass any of an escort’s boundaries. Do not surprise them with any unexpected wishes or demands, as this can ruin the moment and make them feel very uncomfortable.


Often times, a booking will feel much quicker than originally anticipated. This may leave you with a desire to extend the booking. If this is the case, it is imperative to pay any additional required fees before extending your time together. If your companion has other plans for her time, then this must be respected.



If you enjoyed your time together, it is a matter of respect to send your former escort a short text message or email them showing appreciation within a few days of your interaction. After the meeting, you should keep communication to a minimum, besides booking another engagement.  If you wish to take your provider out to dinner or a social event, remember that they must be paid for their time. While you may feel a great connection with them – it is a business and that must not be forgotten.


Spending time with an independent escort is a lovely experience and one to appreciate and be thankful for.  If you are respectful, they will be anticipating your next meeting.

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