How To Avoid Being Placed On An Escort’s Blacklist

Every day in, thousands of interactions take place between escorts and their clients – some positive and some not quite so. While some clients seem to think that service providers are being stuck up for not speaking to them, it is usually for good reason. There is a certain etiquette and approach that must be followed when booking and spending time with a companion and following such guidelines will benefit both parties in many ways.

Whether you are a new client or a repeat one of 10 or more years, you are not exempt from being put onto the blacklist of an escort. It may take time for somebody to show their true persona – be it good or bad so just because you have seen a service provider before, does not give you the right to her time at your expense at any point in the future.

Given their industry, escorts are usually very open minded and progressive people. They can be intrigued and even fascinated by fetishes and fantasies. What crosses the line are signs and gestures of disrespect towards them, and these are different for every provider as everybody has a different personality and approach towards the business. In general, you should treat a service provider just like any other friend or family member that you care about, especially if you look forward to spending time with them again.

While dynamic between an escort and their client can change in different scenarios, some general guidelines to follow when interacting with a companion can be found below:


Don’t Be a Time Waster

A time waster can be classified as such for a variety of reasons. The most common reason for being labelled as a time waster is communicating with an escort without the intention of actually booking and spending time with them. Do keep in mind that she is running a business, and you are not the only one to try and make contact with her. A companion must prioritize their time in order to maximize their efforts and not be sitting on their phone or computer texting or sending emails all day. Always remember to be clear about your intentions, and this will allow your desired service provider to gather an understanding that you value their time and priorities.


Follow Their Booking Instructions / Communication Preferences

Every service provider has a preferred means of communication for their business dealings, whether it is through phone call, text message, email or booking through their personal websites. It is important to read through the ad carefully, and only contact them in a way that they are comfortable with. Failing to do so will show your companion that either you have not fully read their profile and communication guidelines, or that you have seen it and have chosen to ignore their preferences anyway. It should be understood that most people – whether escorts or not, do not wish to receive unwanted phone calls or text messages at any hour of the day. Respecting a service provider’s communication preferences is a helpful way in gaining their trust.


Be Respectful – Don’t Push Their Boundaries

In the field of escorting, each companion has a different set of boundaries and limitations that they are comfortable with. Just because you pay for their time, it does not give you the right to do or say whatever you would like to them. Offering companionship and intimacy is an emotionally exhausting career and overstepping the boundaries of a service provider will bring upon a lot of unwanted stress and anxiety in most cases. Be mindful and courteous of an escort’s preferences and communicate what your intentions are very clearly. If they are uncomfortable with something that you are saying or suggesting, then you should immediately stop.


The whole concept of a blacklist can be a sensitive topic among providers and their clients, but it must be addressed as they are used positively to promote safety, security, and comfort to those working in the industry.

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