5 Things You Should Never Ask An Escort

With our country having a literacy rate of over 99%, you would figure that clients would have common sense when booking an escort here. Regrettably, every escort will have to deal with unwanted, disrespectful and just plain unnecessary messages or phone calls on a regular basis. Don’t be that guy.  Companions are hardworking entrepreneurs, and deserve to be treated with respect as they put in a lot of work behind the scenes that you may not be aware of. If you want them to not think poorly of you, then you should probable avoid asking these particularly distasteful questions:


“What is your real name?”

It is no secret that escorts use a “working” name for their business that is different than their real name. It is a way for them to conduct their business while remaining discreet and safe. Asking for personal details like her real name is a huge invasion of confidentiality and trust. Companions may want to keep a low profile during the day and separate business from their personal lives. Asking for their real name is usually a red flag that you are not willing to respect their privacy.


“Can I have a discounted rate?”

No matter how low or high a provider’s rate is, they will always have clients asking for a lower price. Keep in mind that escorts are running a business. How would you feel if your salary was cut by the percentage of the discount that you are asking? This question is one of the most common and disrespectful that is typically asked. Another common practice is to ask for a shorter time booking, if the provider’s minimum is one hour – at a cheaper rate. If you don’t agree with or can’t afford a companions rate, then you should not contact them. Being extremely accessible as an escort is not necessarily a good thing, and as a client you should understand that. If you cannot afford your desired companion’s hourly rate, then you should save up for a future date, or perhaps find someone that may fit in your budget.


“Can you send me pictures?”

Escorts put a lot of time and effort into their online advertising profiles and social media accounts. Consistently taking and uploading new pictures is part of their routine and most have dozens if not hundreds of photos of them that can be found online. Asking for additional photos when there are plenty of them already available for you is a sure way to annoy your provider, and potentially spoil your chances of setting up an appointment.


“Do you have a boyfriend?”


While many escorts choose to remain single due to the nature of the business and the challenges that it may present, some do in fact have a partner. Whether or not they have a significant other is part of their personal life, and outside of your business interaction. Asking if your escort is single can lead to them mistrusting you and they can most likely tell if you are trying to step out of the boundaries of the business exchange. It is one thing to communicate with an escort about their life and share a meaningful connection, but another to cross the line and ask for many personal details which they don’t wish to share

“What is your menu? / restrictions?”

One of the most aggravating things that escorts get asked regularly is for a list of services that they provide, or a “menu”. Companions are not restaurants and should never be asked for a menu of their services. Their service is their companionship, and they should be treated as human beings and not objects. Asking these types of questions is usually a certain way to make them feel uncomfortable and will eventually lead to being blocked or put on a blacklist by them.


While these questions may be some of the most common of what you shouldn’t ask an escort, there are definitely countless more. The first interactions you have with an escort are significant – first impressions matter. Our dedicated Escort Etiquette page is available for your information.

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